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“You canʼt wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club”
Jack London

Award-winning New York City playwright Cassandra Medley offers: Writers Gym, ™ for aspiring, and/or practicing writers.   Have an idea for a play, screenplay, prose, or creative non-fiction piece you have always yearned to write, but never seem to get around to actually putting the words down?    Do you have trouble returning to your writing project once your enthusiasm and confidence seems to melt away?   My writing prompts will help guide you to initiate the fiction project you have always wanted to begin, or to help you continue,  develop, and sustain a project you are in the process of creating.

Find inspiration and guidance for developing and fleshing out distinctive and compelling characters in your stories.  Explore, investigate, and gain access to your spontaneous ideas and visions so as to discover ever more forceful and persuasive story lines.  

Writers Gym  specialized writing exercises are tailored to your own specific needs, and  will help you transform your  writers block into active, and consistent writing practice.    Writing sessions provide  guidance project inception, through   revisions, and complete drafts.  Exercises cover playwriting/screenplay/ fiction techniques.  Additional guidance is offered for working through resistance, and writers block.

  Start that writing project you are yearning to write, and follow through stages of development, revision, and completed draft.

Creative writing coaching and feedback sessions are held online video media:  Skype//FaceTime/or Google Chat

$60.00/half hour.  

Manuscript reading:
$1.00/page for first 60 pages of reading of draft material.  $0.50 for each additional page.
Facebook:  Cassandra Medley
Webpage:  Cassandra Medley- Playwright

$150. /hour -- $30.00 Each subsequent half-hour

Buy 5 =140.00
for specifically tailored writing exercise, and in-session feedback on in-process writing draft.

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 I recommend Writer’s Gym to others as a place where they can light out into the territory of the unknown and discover the necessary resources to keep bushwhacking forward.

Guy Lancaster



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